How We’re Different


Patience is a virtue that has been lost. We recognize that we all have busy schedules, so when we show up on your initial inspection and you're not ready, we don't run away. Instead, we take the time to figure out if you just need a bit of time (and we'll wait for you), or if we should re-schedule. And during the inspection, if we find a violation and it can be corrected in a reasonable amount of time, we'll wait. You save time, money, and improve your relationship with your customer.


When we're performing the routine inspection on your elevator, we inspect to the code edition the elevator was installed under. We take the time to do the research so that you aren't being told you have to bring your 1963 elevator into compliance with 2007 code. And while that's an extreme example, it really DOES matter when we start talking about elevators installed in 1995 - there were some very expensive code changes that took place.

Common Sense

There's nothing so uncommon as common sense - but we work hard to demonstrate common sense. We can't tell you how many stories we've heard of unreasonable demands placed on building owners. Look, some things simply aren't possible, and if they aren't, we aren't going to make an issue out of them.

Keeping Equipment in Service

Sometimes the elevator stops working during an inspection. As inspectors, we are testing switches and operations that are safeties. That means that many of these switches and operations are never used, except for during an inspection or an actual emergency when you really need those safeties to operate properly. Because of that, sometimes the elevator fails - contacts are dirty and worn, or broken inside, and the act of actuating that switch results in the elevator not working any more. We understand that you need those elevators. In hospitals and high-rises, if something like this happens, 90% of the time we are able to get the equipment back into operation. But, when we can’, we stop the inspection to be sure that we don't leave your facility without enough elevators to function properly. We have the common sense to stop the inspection until the elevator can be returned to service.

Just The Code

Many inspectors today feel that they can impose their ideas, but that just isn't right. We inspect your equipment to the code - and just the code.

Understand The Equipment

We make a point of understanding the equipment and how it is intended to operate. Telling you to make a change to your equipment that is inconsistent with how the equipment is intended to operate can be expensive, and can even damage the equipment. We understand that, and make sure that we understand the equipment before we make any recommendations.

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